Paper presented at:

2nd Sari Mulia International Conference on Health and Sciences 2017

Authors (Ex :Eirene Gaghauna )
Sari Mulia School of Health Science

tel. +628113038477

Introduction: Presentation of the main argument of the paper and a description of how this argument will be developed in the                               course of the paper.

Body: Elaboration of the argument with supporting evidence and reference to the scholarly debates to which your paper                          intends to contribute.

Conclusion: Concise re-statement of the paper’s main contributions to scholarship.

References : Listing of the sources and scholarly literature which are cited in the paper, with complete bibliographical                                           information on each item.


Please count the words, not less than 6000 or more than 9000 words of the content except Title and reference please write the Reference according to alphabetic and should consist at least 5 International Journal and year of published were not last than 10 years , Font Times New Roman 12, single space only. Paper Size : short paper (A4) Process the paper through to make sure that the sentence structures are correct.

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