Abstract Guidelines


Authors (ex. Gaghauna, Eirene E.M. )

Affiliation ( Institution where the author/s are connected, ex. Sari Mulia School of Health Sciences)


Purpose: What is the nature of your topic/study and why did you do it? You should put the work in context and why

Methods: What did you do, and how? Describe the study design, participants, tool for data collection and analysis methods.

Results: What were your most important findings or key findings? Please support with relevant data (not tables or graphs please).

Conclusion: What can you logically conclude through analysis of your data?

How do your findings relate to the theory or practice of your field, or to future research? Do you have any recommendations?

Keywords: Main topics to which the study can be associated with the study.


Please count the words, 200words of the abstract except keywords, Font Times New Roman 12, single space only,Paper size : short paper (A4). Process the abstract through grammarly.com to make sure that the sentence structures are correct. 

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